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Welcome to Your Kickass Career

A private online community built to support and empower you to have a career on your terms.

Why We Built This For You

Welcome to Your Kickass Career a unique online community built for and by professionals who identify as women.  

YKAC is a community for professionals identifying as women to come together to network, meet other professionals, get inspired, have a laugh and see that no matter what industry we're in or what role we may have, we each face some pretty universal challenges in our careers. Nothing feels as good as hearing or reading reassuring and supporting words from someone who has been there before.

Whether you are building, climbing, avoiding, dismantling or ready to step off the career ladder, YKAC is here to support you and your aspirations. Become a part of a worldwide group of amazing people looking to elevate the impact they have on themselves, their work and those they support.

About Us

When you join Your Kickass Career (YKAC), you receive support from two certified leadership, career and life coaches who have both lived in the trenches, done the hard work and now help their clients do the same thing.

Kim Romain is on a mission to help individuals make more impact in their lives, organizations and communities by taking heart led action. Her own journey is one of learning to identify and wield her superpowers as she reinvented herself multiple times, moving from law to crisis consulting to nonprofit management to coaching. Along the way, she learned to embrace the multifaceted, multi-passionate aspects of herself, stepping outside of the boxes others put her in due to the roles she held or their perceived stereotypes. Now, she is honored to help others to do the same. 

Louise Neil runs private coaching, workshops and speaking events helping people connect to themselves and others in new and exciting ways. Through her NLP Practitioner training, she uncovered the power of words and stories we all can use to connect who we are on the inside with what we do on the outside. She brings all the things she needed from her corporate life of finance and analytics and added the things she loves to reinvent herself as a leadership, career and life coach. It is one of the things she is proudest of – showing up in the world as she truly wishes to be. 

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